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Oliver Chalk

Previously shown in

Fibre: Structure and surface 2022

Linear expression 2022

Surface edge shadow 2022

Earth materials

P A T H W A Y S 

‘A curation of new works celebrating defined pathways within raw materials. These architectural earthen remnants are a direct response to my connection, fascination and curiosity with the natural world. Conceptions born through experience and process, advocating an expansive mindset towards existence and perception of the language of landscape.

Cross-hatched with human contact and honouring a privileged time spent in close proximity with the phenomenon of the organic world, the works hint at an awareness of landscape and a distilled sense of trying to find one’s place within it.’


For this series, Oliver has selected the timber (ash) for each vessel, turned the form, carved the flutes, sandblasted and then applied layers of stain.  They were reblasted a number of times until an appealing surface appeared.

For Oliver the real work begins when the form is made and he has something tangible to work with.

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