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Patricia Kelly

Fibre: structure and surface 2022

Patricia lives in Co. Fermanagh, N. Ireland. She attended the Ulster University in Belfast where she obtained a B.A Honors degree in Fine Craft Design, specializing in embroidered textiles. 

Patricia has always been inspired by the ever-changing colour, light and texture of the landscape and skies in the west of Ireland. Growing up on a farm, she was involved in the landscape in a very physical and tactile way, making hay and stacking turf. She attributes this experience to the earthy, textural and repetitive quality of the work she produces today.

By constantly pushing her work in new directions, Patricia explores images through drawing and paint, but finally realises her outcomes through the medium of textile, employing the use of free motion embroidery techniques. Her work has become much more abstract in recent times with a greater focus on the use of the stitched line. The repetitive use of shape and mark has become an increasingly important aspect which imbues a meditative quality. 

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