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Philip Sanderson

Cloth and clay 2024

Philip’s studio practice is focussed on expanding the traditional language of tapestry weaving through experiments with scale and form combined with the use of less conventional and re-purposed materials. 

Over time, a new language has emerged within his practice that moves away from the tradition of translating images into the woven surface and instead is concerned with the material qualities and construction of the work.

The latest series of works for Cloth and Clay continues this line of enquiry.  The ‘Bloc’ series is made up of five small tapestries all enclosed in wooden frames, within each piece the gauge of the warp and weft is increased to an almost absurd level, the proportions of materials are carefully put together to create a harmonious balance; heavier weights of material such as waste selvedge from the weaving of cloth are enclosed in numerous combinations of finer threads or fabric strips to give each element an equal status in the finished weaving.


Philip studied tapestry weaving at Middlesex Polytechnic and The Royal College of Art before Joining the West Dean Tapestry Studio in 1993 were he currently holds the position of Studio Leader.   He has worked with numerous artists including John Hubbard, Tracey Emin, Michael Armitage and Eva Rothschild and has designed tapestries for The Boothroyd Room at Portcullis House, Chelmsford Cathedral and The Mercer’s Company.  

Philip is currently Subject Tutor for Tapestry programmes at West Dean College and has run a number of tapestry weaving workshop sessions at The Royal College of Art.

Recent exhibitions include Elemental Patterns with Rachel Johnston at The Jack House Gallery, Southsea and Here and Now “the first major curated exhibition of contemporary tapestry in England for over 20 years”. Philip has also been shortlisted three times for the Cordis Trust Prize for Tapestry, at the Scottish Royal Academy and Inverleith House, Edinburgh.

In 2022 Philip was invited to be a resident of the Experimental Weave Lab; The City of London's first contemporary & innovative weaving programme.  He is a studio holder at Artspace Portsmouth and is also a member Soft Geometry; a group of four artists working with textiles who exhibit regularly.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Philip Sanderson's  work please enquire below.

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