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Philippa Karakashian

Chalk, flint, clay, shore -

artists working in Sussex

These works reflect a longstanding preoccupation with collecting and accumulating obsolete fragments found in the salt bleached landscape which is particular to Sussex.  They become tools for contemplation and form a starting point for scale, texture and form.  By intervening in their decline these diminished shards take on new meaning which reflects the passage of time and the inevitable encroachment on nature.

Working on paper allows the freedom to draw, paint, print, collage and manipulate the surface in a number of ways creating a wealth of material with which to make the final image.  Having studied printmaking this discipline remains key.  By employing low tech methods such as collagraph and embossing it allows for the creation of depth and mark making which is cumulative and notational but also lends itself to adding or taking away colour and layers by hand.

The final stage of making involves cutting, manipulating and reconfiguring the prepared surfaces creating a new dynamic to form the image which is composed mainly of horizontal and vertical divisions with two or more elements which allude to the mapping and aura of the chalk landscape.

Shortly after graduating in Fine Art printmaking in 2003 Philippa set up studio in a large artist led organisation in Brighton where she acquired a small press and began developing this combined method of printmaking and mixed media.  She has exhibited in galleries and art fairs in London and throughout the UK as well as annual artist open studios.  Her work is in private collections in Australia, Canada, S. Korea and the Middle East.

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