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Rosalie Dodds

Gaze, glimpse -

a look at landscape

and Winter Collection

Rosalie has been a professional member of the Craft Potters Association since 1998 and has been exhibiting her work in Brighton and Sussex since 1992.

She is interested in the surface textures found in landscapes and on beaches and these are the sources of inspiration for the surfaces of her ceramics. 

Rosalie's bowl forms are usually made from a mould base and hand built.  Bottles and beaker forms are wheel thrown and the oval forms squeezed into shape.

Combining the idea of strata with the use of silicon carbide in slip with oxides and glaze creates an interaction which produces weathered, bubbled surfaces.

More recently Rosalie has included stronger colour.  She also likes the dramatic use of black which derives from her earlier raku work.

Her ceramics are fired to a stoneware temperature of 1240 degrees.

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