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Sharon Kearley

Blue 2022

Sharon Kearley is a Textiles Artist who is driven by process and sits at the intersection of textiles disciplines.  A playful and innovative perception of weave that pushes at the boundaries, drawing on ephemeral, spacial qualities and narrative concerned with aesthetics and concept to produce artworks for installalation and exhibition.

Her work is inspired by Bauhaus Theory applying a diagnostic exploratory approach, responding to the physicality and sensivivity of materials combining weave, print and stitch processes.  She investigates the potential of linear connections, sequence and repeat within a compositional space, applying minimal and focused use of colour, series, scale and multiples.

Sharon graduated in 1995 from The London Institute, Chelsea School of Art, with a BA(Hons)Textiles Design having specialized for two years in woven design, recently gaining an MA Textiles from UCA, Farnham in 2019.

Her expertise in the field of Fashion, Textiles and Costume spans twenty-five years and she has worked nationally and internationally within the Film, Theatre and Television Industries.
She has run her own professional textiles practice for the last twelve years and is a firm believer in dual professionalism, where education and lecturing is intertwined alongside making. Sharon has completed a number of residencies at universities, galleries and museums, where she works predominantly with ‘minority’ groups using weave as a tool for healing, mental health and self- esteem. She has secured funding to collaborate with many high-profile organisations pushing her passion for weave in these areas.

Her debut book, ‘Woven Textiles-A Designer’s Guide,’ was published in 2014 by Crowood Press, is used as a teaching aid at Degree level in many reputable Art Schools.

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