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Sian van Driel -

Gaze, glimpse - a look at landscape 

Chalk, flint, clay, shore - artists working in Sussex

Sian is a West Sussex ceramicist and landscape painter.

Her workplace, in an old barn, is surrounded by ancient fields and woodland with the River Arun flowing through.  Sian is deeply immersed in her environment responding to its rhythms, seasons and sounds beneath wide open Sussex skies.

Sian says, "What I am trying to do, in some way, is to capture what I feel is just beyond capturing - the sense of infinity, permanence and space and to then express that feeling on clay and canvas".

And Sian's ceramics, within their simplicity of form, do give a sense of spaciousness, distance, the sky, a chalk landscape and wind through grass with her restrained use of markmaking and colour pigments.  By keeping it simple she manages to express a great deal.

Last year Sian visited Japan and brought back a selection of Japanese pigments which she has used with her usual sensitivity in this body of work.

Winter Downland 1 - oil on board

Winter Downland 2 - oil on board

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