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Sian van Driel

Previously shown in

gaze, glimpse - a look at the landscape 2017

chalk, flint, clay, shore 2017

elements: air, water 2020

elements: earth, fire 2020

structured 2021

her quiet materials 2021

monochrome 2021

surface edge shadow 2022

earth materials 2023

land marked 2024

Continuing her explorations on from Earth Materials, Sian’s response to Land marked has been a study of line, colour and shape which unfolds as she walks the Sussex landscape. Observing the subtle changes both near and far. Underfoot through to the horizon. Watching the weathering process move elements across the land. Furrows unfold as they are sculpted across the fields by man. Land marked for a season.


Sian works intuitively, responding to the materials in hand whether it be paper or clay. 


For this recent collection of ink drawings Sian has used Japanese handmade paper, ink and earth pigments. The mark making, scoring and subtle chosen colour palette combined with layered paper gives an added depth to the work, celebrating permanence and transitory, opaque and translucency, seen and unseen all reflecting the landscape we live in.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Sian van Driel's work please enquire below.

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