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Sophie Arup

Linear expression 2022

Sophie is an artist living and working in London. She works with many different materials, from steel to folded paper and wire. Her artwork is often composed of countless intricate elements. In these pieces the element is a straight line, hundreds of them, which interact to form new shapes, distortion and illusion.  The result is often a dense and complex space that invites you to contemplate infinity and minute detail at the same time.  She loves the way that repetitions following simple rules can be used to generate complex structured patterns, and the way that a small change to the initial starting point can have a very different end result. 

Sophie has a background in Structural Engineering and this experience has definitely informed her work. She loves the rigour and discipline of mathematical progressions and fractals. Often designing and experimenting on a computer, the final work is always made by hand. The many small inaccuracies and mistakes along the way give the pieces their own life and raises them above the purely mechanical exercise that they might otherwise become.

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