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Sylvia Quinnell

Chalk, flint, clay, shore -

artists working in Sussex

Sylvia's new work has moved away from hand-built ceramics to wheel thrown pieces that focus on producing families of small, functional, tactile vessels which can be used in a domestic environment.

When Sylvia hand-builds, her forms are organic in response to nature but is finding that her thrown work takes its influence from utilitarian, man-made objects remembered with a sense of nostalgia from childhood - enamel ware, milk churns, milk bottles and inkwells from school days.

She has been experimenting by colouring clay with small amounts of body stain to create a pale restricted palette which suits the simple forms and as a contrast in texture and colour Sylvia has introduced both coarse and smooth black clays. The smooth clay is polished and high fired with a muted, milky stoneware glaze.

Sylvia's new work is an ongoing process of experiment and discovery within her self imposed boundaries.

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