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Sylvia Quinnell - The space within exhibition 


Working from her studio in West Sussex close to the River Arun, Sylvia's inspiration comes from the environment around her to which she responds with innate creativity.  She is on a treasure hunt wherever she goes, collecting materials, combing object and memory.


As a materials led artist Sylvia follows a path of both fine and decorative art.  Her work is always experimental. She enjoys mixing materials whether it be clay, copper, silver, stone or a rusty nail and piece of driftwood.  By exploring possibilities through the process of making, examining the qualities of cutting, bending, hammering, drilling, melting, polishing and oxidising it allows her to create unique pieces of work.


Raw flame plays an integral part in Sylvia's work and may be used in the method of Raku firing, a Japanese technique traditionally used in the making of tea bowls. It allows her to manipulate the oxidisation of the glaze when the ceramic piece is removed from the hot kiln and cooled in the open air producing interesting colour and texture.  Alternatively flame is used more traditionally to solder joints in jewellery making.


It is through these processes that Sylvia hopes to create objects that evoke an emotional response with tactile curiosity.

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