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Wendy Farley

Contemplation exhibition

Wendy says there is a quality of mindfulness in the making process of both the blue bowls and the pebbles.  She finds that there is a rhythm in either forming the shape, applying the markings or some other part of the making process in her work.

The blue bowls were made using pinching and coiling techniques which are then scraped back to refine the shape and to thin the walls.  The rhythmic action of scraping produces a swirling pattern of markings,  Wendy enhances this movement when using a paint brush to apply slip and underglaze colours by using the same swirling action.

Burnishing the pebbles is a different process but also one that has a repetitive action which induces a contemplative and reflective state. Holding her treasured pebble (from a beach in Devon) Wendy moves it back and forth following the contours of the form until the surface has a sheen which is then further polished with a fine cloth.  The pebbles are smoke fired and then polished with beeswax.  The finished finished pebbles have a quiet but very tactile quality.

The blue "waves" are double walled, hollow forms.  They are made from slabs of clay that need to be carefully shaped and leather dried before joining together.  Here the process is not so meditative but the finished piece supporting the pebble is a gesture of gentle embrace

All sizes of blue bowls SOLD

The Arundel gallery Trail 2017

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